How It Works

Discobot is really very easy to use. But here are all the details and fine print if you need it. Trust us, this is all there is.

1. CHOOSE AN ONLINE STORE: Just start typing - we'll find the store and it's cashback rate* for you.

2. ENTER YOUR EMAIL & START SHOPPING: We need your email address to collect your discounts and send it to you.

3. RECEIVE CASHBACK VIA PAYPAL: Once you've earned $20 in cashback, we'll immediately send it to you using PayPal.**

That's it. What are you waiting for? Take Discobot for a spin!

* Estimated cashback rate. We will send you 60% (at least) of the receivables we collect from our advertising partners. Please note that advertisers have different cashback rates for each of their products, and that they change commission rates with minimal notice.

** If you don't have an account, PayPal will automatically create one for you. The service will use your email address when Discobot sends you savings.